Technical Support

What would you do if your IT services went down in the middle of the night? When would you know about the outage? How would you fix it? Pre-arranging a support package ensures that an engineer will be dedicated to fixing your service and bringing it back online for you, giving you peace of mind and reducing the length of the service outage.

How It Works


We will set up automated site tests for you and agree escalation policies with you so that the right people can be informed at the right time when there is a service incident.

Service Period

Every month we will send you a report of any downtime, as well as what issues took place and what steps were taken to rectify the issues.

During an Incident

Each incident within the service period will be dealt with by the on-call engineer:

Support plans

We offer three plans; each plan gives you access to the same highly skilled operations engineers who will be alerted to any issues by service monitoring and work to bring your services back online.

All plans offer automated monitoring and alerts, which will be picked up by the service engineer. We offer two types of monitors; “web tests” and “website interaction” tests. The web tests being simple checks on the response of a single HTTP web request, whereas the web interaction tests also check the associated content of a web page, such as images and style sheets. Your own monitoring (such as Amazon CloudWatch) can also be used to call out our engineers.

Along with our engineering team, you can also be alerted to any issues and will receive detailed reports of any outage, how long the service was down, and what the engineer did to fix the issue.



Engineer Rates

In addition to the service plan, engineer’s time is charged for any call-outs. Simply contact us (below) for a package customised to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many services can I support on a single plan?

The support packages are designed to support a single live service and one test or staging environment if required. Please contact us for multiple service support.

What services are supported?

Zenly support a wide variety of services and tools, specialising in Linux and cloud computing technologies. Feel free to contact us to discuss your platform.

What will you do to solve my service issues?

  1. The on-call engineer will first check the service issue and locate the issue within the infrastructure.
  2. They will check the escalation policy for the service and make the necessary calls and emails to notify your team as required.
  3. They will use command line tools and log files to try and diagnose the issue, once the failing services has been identified, and then bring the service back into operation.
  4. They will re-check the service to ensure that it has been suitably fixed
  5. Support documentation will be updated so that knowledge can be used to improve the system and help others to support it.
  6. On-call notes will be updated and sent out (according to the escalation policy) so that your team can be kept informed.
  7. Details of any incidents will also be added to your monthly report.

Our engineers are trained to spot reoccurring problems; this is where good issue logs and our support experience really pays off. We can work with you to identify root causes and help put a stop to on-going issues.

What do you do if you can’t fix the issue?

We will escalate to you as per the pre-agreed escalation policy.

What do I need to provide?

  • A list of tests and checks you would like us to perform on a regular basis
  • Your escalation policies so that we can keep you informed
  • Access to your infrastructure that we will keep securely for the on-call team
  • A list of technologies used so that we can ensure our team are able to support your product
  • Any documentation that you have which might help us to diagnose issues, such as infrastructure and design documents. The better the documentation, the better we can help

What will I get from you?

Peace of mind from knowing that services upon which your business depends will be taken care of by highly experienced and talented operations engineers.

You will also receive:

  • A monthly report of any service issues we found and service uptime.
  • Access to all our support documents and any scripts that we use to fix and maintain your site.

Is there a minimum service period?

The minimum service period is 3 months.

The On-Call Team

Members of the on-call team will typically have the following credentials:

  • 5+ years of technical operations experience
  • Excellent technical problem solving skills
  • Programming experience in several programming languages, such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, and C
  • High level of Linux and UNIX expertise, with an ability to use standard command line fault finding tools
  • Several years of experience using orchestration, CI and source control tooling, including GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef and Puppet
  • Good working knowledge of cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services


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